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Form for submission of required information for vacancies for trainees in clinical specialties: Nervous diseases; Surgery; Orthopedics and Traumatology; Anesthesiology and intensive care

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Donation account of "MBAL-Popovo" Ltd

Bank DSK - EAD Popovo branch
Currency: BGN
IBAN: BG63STSA93000026759219

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“Multispecialty hospital for active treatment – Popovo” Ltd

has more than 100 years of history. On January 30, 1909, by a royal decree of Ferdinand I /n.m./, the "Law on the approval of construction of buildings according to the sanitary needs of the country" was approved. This decree envisages the construction of a hospital in the city of Popovo. The hospital began to function as a tertiary state hospital with a capacity of 20 beds. Currently, "MBAL-Popovo" Ltd has 66 beds, distributed in 4 inpatient departments: therapeutic, neurological, children's department and surgical department.

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