Therapeutic department

Medical staff working in the Therapeutic Department

1. Head of department: Dr. Ganka Radeva Koleva – specialist in internal medicine;
2. Resident doctors:
Dr. Ivan Georgiev Bachvarov – specialist gastroenterologist,
Dr. Desislav Penev Penev – internal medicine specialist,
Dr. Teodosi Vasilev Yankov – specialist cardiologist,
Dr. Ivanka Ivanova Ivanova – specialist endocrinologist,
Dr. Grigor Atanasov Grigorov – pulmonologist specialist;
3. Senior nurse – Diana Ljubenova Milachkova;
There are 8 nurses and 5 orderlies working in the department

Medical equipment used in the Therapeutic Department at “MBAL-POPOVO” LTD

  • Monitor individual

  • Electrocardiographs

  • “AMBU” device

  • Negativeoscope

  • Individual inhaler

  • Bactericidal lamps

  • Electronic infusion pumps

  • Bike ergometer

  • Defibrillator

  • Spirometer

  • Cardioscope

  • ECG holter 3-channel

  • Fibrocolonoscope

  • Doppler

  • Fibrogastroscope

Medical activities performed in the Therapeutic Department

The department has 19 beds divided into the following sectors:
Indoor intensive sector – 2 beds
Internal hospital – 17 beds
The department has an office for functional diagnostics, a training center for training diabetic patients and an endoscopy office for upper and lower endoscopy.

The Therapeutic Department works on the following clinical paths :
016 Diagnosis and treatment of unstable angina pectoris/acute myocardial infarction without invasive examination and/or interventional treatment
027 Diagnosis and treatment of acute coronary syndrome with fibrinolytic
029 Diagnosis and treatment of acute and acute chronic heart failure without mechanical ventilation
033 Diagnosis and treatment of rhythm and conduction disorders
038 Diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – acute exacerbation
039 Diagnosis and treatment of bronchopneumonia and bronchiolitis in persons over 18 years of age
040.1 Diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma: moderate and severe attack in persons over 18 years of age
041.1 Diagnosis and treatment of allergic and infectious-allergic diseases of the respiratory system in persons over 18 years of age.
042.1 Diagnosis and treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system in persons over 18 years of age
045 Treatment of decompensated chronic respiratory failure in diseases of the respiratory system
078.1 Diagnosis and treatment of decompensated diabetes mellitus in persons over 18 years of age
084 Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic acute pyelonephritis