Hospital clinical laboratory

The hospital clinical laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital building in the east wing.

The head of the clinical laboratory is Dr. Elka Slaveva, specializing in “Clinical Laboratory” since 2012.

Medical staff working in a hospital clinical laboratory at “MBAL-Popovo” LTD

The laboratory staff consists of long-term specialists with extensive experience and proven skills.

Dr. Elka Slaveva – head of a clinical laboratory with a specialty in “Clinical Laboratory” since 2012;
Eng. Dobrinka Damyanova – chemical engineer;
St. Med. lab. Elka Dimitrova – Bachelor of Health Care;

med. lab. Liliana Peeva;
med. lab. Nina Georgieva;
med. lab. Katya Dimitrova;
med. lab. Daniela Alexieva;
med. lab. Gonyul Kyazimova;
orderly Snezhanka Stoyanova;

Dear patients,

we thank you for your interest in our activity and for the trust you place in us by choosing our laboratory as the executor of your research.

About the laboratory:

The clinical medical-diagnostic laboratory at MBAL-Popovo has existed since the foundation of the hospital. Over the years, strict rules for handling samples in the pre-analytical stage of the laboratory process, compliance with the principles of analytical accuracy, safety during sampling have been established and approved in the laboratory for analysis, which is provided by using closed systems for taking biological material. They are for one-time individual use.
For laboratory indicators, the production of which requires the separation of serum – it is separated up to the 30th minute after the collection using special tubes with a gel-separator, which subsequently has a significant impact on the quality of the laboratory results, especially for sensitive indicators such as potassium, calcium, glucose, some enzymes and others. Indicators are produced on site in the laboratory within 2-2.5 hours for most of them and by the end of the working day for the rest.
From March 2013 the laboratory also has a contract for outpatient activity with the National Health Service of Ukraine – it performs tests with referrals issued by general practitioners and specialist doctors, as well as tests for a fee at the request of the patient.
Our wish is for the laboratory to establish itself as a well-functioning laboratory of regional importance, where patients receive quality and reliable and timely results at competitive prices compared to other laboratories and at the same time – without compromising the quality of the results.
The laboratory staff consists of doctors and other medical and non-medical professionals whom you know and can ask about your results or the results of your patients, request reanalysis or comment. Below this result is the signature and seal of a doctor you know, responsible for the analysis of the sample, and which you or your patient can immediately find to explain why his result is as it is and not what he or you expected.

The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical equipment:

  • Hematology analyzer – Mindray BC-3600;

  • Blood-gas analyzer Eschweiler ecosys;

  • Automatic biochemical analyzer BS-200;

  • Semi-automatic coagulometer;

  • Keylab Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer;

  • Eliza Reeder MR 96;

  • Electrolyte analyzer;

  • Immunochromatographic device Easy reader;

  • Modern deionized water system;


The laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital building in the east wing – access is possible by both staircases, as well as by the building’s elevator, which provides an opportunity for patients with movement disorders to use the laboratory’s services.

Quality control:

In the laboratory, daily control of clinical-laboratory results is carried out by means of intra-laboratory quality control for accuracy and reproducibility of the results, by using automatic programs integrated in the analyzers;
since 2002 the laboratory participates in the national system for external quality assessment conducted by KDL, for which it receives the relevant quality certificates twice a year
according to the National Standard “Clinical Laboratory”, the laboratory is classified as level 2 according to the mandatory volume of laboratory indicators and mandatory laboratory equipment.

Medical activities performed in a hospital clinical laboratory at “MBAL-POPOVO” LTD

The following types of tests are carried out in the medical-diagnostic laboratory:

  • Complete blood count with 22 indicators;

  • Cardiac Markers;

  • Specific proteins and markers of inflammation;

  • Hemostasis studies incl. D-dimers;

  • Electrolytes;

  • Blood-gas analysis;

  • Lipid profile, substrates and enzymes;

  • Urine tests;

  • Hormones, tumor markers;

  • Occult bleeding test;

The laboratory is open on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
On weekends and holidays, the laboratory will work only with patients admitted to the hospital and patients from the Popovo Medical Center. GSM – 0878 658733