To all citizens,

“MBAL-Popovo” LTD informs you about a wonderful initiative of several people who will not put their names under it – the donation account opened at DSK branch Popovo for raising funds for the purchase of specialized medical equipment, technical means and consumables, from which our hospital and our doctors need to meet the spreading coronavirus infection. The account was started with donations and the hope that the generosity of many others will flow into it.
Donation account of “MBAL-Popovo” LTD:
Bank DSK – EAD Popovo branch
Currency: BGN
IBAN : BG63STSA93000026759219
Now we have a new and common enemy – invisible to our eyes, insidious and dangerous. He challenged us and has no intention of giving us a reprieve. But we have a choice. We can unite our efforts and meet it together, with dignity and without fear, with the only weapon with which the human soul knows how to serve itself best – love for the other person.
The Hospital team thanks the Donors in advance.