Neurological department

Medical staff working in the Neurological Department

1. Head of department: Dr. Tsvetanka Vasileva, specialist – neurology;
2. Resident doctor: Dr. Milena Simeonova, specialist – neurology;
3. Resident doctor: Dr. Ivan Nikolov, specialist – neurology;
4. Physician coordinator: Dr. Ivan Tsankov, specialist – psychiatry;
5. Senior nurse: Iliyana Vasileva Ilieva – Bachelor of Health Care Management.
Eight nurses, one rehabilitator and five orderlies work in the department.

Medical equipment used in the Neurological Department at “MBAL-POPOVO” LTD

  • Electrocardiograph

  • Perfusors

  • Infusion pumps

  • Electromyograph

  • Electroencephalograph

  • Doppler sonographer

  • Aspirator

  • Defibrillator

  • Monitor

Medical activities performed in the Neurological Department

The department has 18 beds.
The subject of the activity of the Neurological Department is inpatient and consultative medical care for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, functional neurological and vascular diseases.
Application of physiotherapeutic means and methods, electroprocedures, massage and physical therapy.
The department works purposefully for the complete recovery of brain strokes.
Rehabilitation – in order to reduce the period of temporary disability.

In the Department of Neurology, the following clinical pathways are being worked on:
050.1 Diagnosis and treatment of ischemic stroke without thrombolysis in persons over 18 years of age
052.1 Diagnosis and treatment of parenchymal cerebral hemorrhage in persons over 18 years of age
056.1 Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cranial nerves (CNS), nerve roots and plexuses, polyneuropathy and vertebral pain syndromes in persons over 18 years of age
113.2 Conservative treatment of vertigo, balance disorders of peripheral and central type